“The keystone of successful business is cooperation.

Friction retards progress.”

James Cash Penney

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Twice a month we discuss different issues around civility and offer tips for increasing the civility in your life.

                                     Unleashing the power of respect

How you treat people – including yourself – affects your life at every turn.

The concepts of civility, respect and dignity are not just “feel good” ideas; they are at the core of living in a civilized world. Incivility causes stress, conflict and underperformance. This is true for individuals, for companies and other organizations, and for society.

At Civility Concepts we feel strongly about civility, respect and dignity. We emphasize these as a means for improving life at multiple levels. The challenges people (especially women) face from outdated stereotypes are a special interest.


  • Do you want to take the tensions out of your workplace and replace it with an environment that allows them to perform at their best?
  • Do you want to keep good employees who might leave because they are tired of existing incivility?
  • Do you want to check the tone of messages about women before they go out so you don’t have to recall them later?​


  • Are you ready to embrace the fact that you are special and have value?
  • Do you want to break through outdated stereotypes and barriers that keep you from being your best self?

At Civility Concepts we focus on highlighting the way behavior affects people and methods for taking your behavior up a notch.