Unleashing the power of respect

"In handling people there are three feelings we must not possess - fear, dislike and contempt. ...
We must have both self-respect and respect."

Herbert N. Casson

Things you are likely to hear Sherry say:  

“It’s all in how you say it”

“They’ll get over it”

​​​Sherry A. Watts, MBA, RCC and DTM, is founder of Civility Concepts. Passionate about how we treat people, her expertise is managing the effect your attitude, language and behavior have on people and performance. The effect of stereotypes (especially related to women) is a particular interest; she helps develop strategies to move beyond the stereotypes so people reach their potential. Sherry’s system is based on a lifetime of studying how attitude, behavior and language affect others, looking for what works and what doesn’t work.

Sherry’s system is based on a lifetime of studying the effects of words and actions on people, looking for what works and what doesn’t work. She worked in Corporate America for many years where she tested her principles as a negotiator for a major international corporation.

Sherry has an MBA degree and earned her Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. She earned her Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation from Toastmasters International. She is also a trained mediator.

Sherry gives back:

A firm believer in giving back, Sherry has volunteered with Hospice of the Western Reserve for many years. Past volunteer experiences include working with survivors of rape and domestic violence, and serving on several nonprofit boards.

Sherry plays:

Sherry enjoys listening to classical music (especially the great Cleveland Orchestra) and meeting up with friends. She can be found at the gym six days a week. In her free time, Sherry takes classical guitar lessons.