Do you focus on women in your ad campaigns? Would you rather check the sensitivity of those campaigns before they go out, or wait to see if the market provides negative backlash that requires a costly recall?

Are you enlisting the full participation of women so they can perform at their best, or are you offending them?

Are you benefitting from their wisdom and cooperation?

If you aren’t addressing women in ways they find respectful, it is costing you.

Several companies, municipalities and even one state launched campaigns that attracted a lot of negative attention. Most were seen as especially sexist, offending half the population – including their customer base. The campaigns had to be pulled and apologies offered.

Many companies struggle to fully engage women. Whether they are addressing their employees or their customer base, they find it hard to hit the right note.

It is hard to get objective feedback from employees. It is expensive to recall your message after the fact.

Let Civility Concepts work with you to make sure you making a positive impact and attracting people instead of turning them away.


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"… over 90% of all communication problems are caused by semantics or perceptions."
Stephen R. Covey

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